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Tis the Damn Season

Seasons change and fade, but some feelings never do.

I’ve been in love with Cal since I was sixteen years old.

On graduation night I leave Canton and Cal behind. I’m headed to L.A. where the bright lights and runways are calling my name.

The only problem is I’m leaving my heart behind. Each time I return to Canton, we fall into old patterns, beds and any surface we can find. We destroy each other and anyone in our path.

And I leave him. Again.

Every time I leave a piece of my heart remains and I take a piece of his.

Surrendering my heart fully to Cal has never been a part of plan. But the thought keeps crossing my mind. The city I fled to suddenly doesn’t have the same allure as the small town that I swore I’d never return to.

Can he really be mine for more than a weekend? Is it time to stop leaving?


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