Irreversibly Broken 

Danielle Moyer has been attracted to her supervisor, Mike Connelly, since the day she walked into the Philadelphia Probation and Parole. But there’s a rule: Subordinates cannot date supervisors. Danielle doesn’t act on it. She’s convinced herself that any stolen glance, slight touch or innuendo is all in her mind. And then..


One ride

One kiss

One night

Changes everything


Mike Connelly never meant to cross the line with one of his staff, but there is something very inviting about Danielle and he can’t help himself. The two give in and find themselves navigating a very dicey office romance. With pasts that are riddled with things that have left them broken, making it an uneasy road.


Add in the rule: supervisors can’t date their subordinates and you’ve got a situation that could easily break in more ways than one.


Can they endure or will it leave them broken?

Fixing the Broken 
February 2021 

After witnessing the woman he loves in the arms of another man, Mike Connelly flees the scene. What was supposed to be a simple escape turned into a motorcycle accident leaving Mike broken in the hospital. 


Danielle is called to his bedside. She is told he needs her to heal; to fix what’s been broken. The problem is Danielle has started a new life. She’s seeing someone new, Jason, and is settled into her new life. But hearing Mike was in an accident sends her rushing to his bedside. 


It’s clear that their pull is still strong and tempting Danielle to fall into old habits. Lying to Jason about where she’s been, sneaking off during work hours to see Mike and stealing time at his home. She tells herself that it’s all innocent. Until Danielle crosses a line with Mike, repeatedly.


Will she allow herself to go back to Mike; to the heat and passion that burnt her world to the ground? Or will she stay with Jason; the sweet, loving man who allows her to feel safe in a way no other man has?

No Longer Broken 
Josh & Desiree's Book
Coming Fall 2021 


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