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Book 1:
Lust For 

He came into my life when I was only thirteen. 

The best friend to my twin brother, Aiden. 

Over the years I fell in love with Derek Walsh. 

I can’t pinpoint the moment that he changed for me but once he did, I saw him as someone I lusted after. 

Now Derek is the lead singer of the band Crave, with my brother. 

He’s a sexy rockstar living a very public life. 

I prefer quiet nights in. 


My brother would have his dick if he touched me. 

Aiden has a strict no dating my little sister policy. 

Making our situation a little dicey. 


To my surprise he might want me too, I’m just not sure for how long.

Book 2:
Long For 

The stick turned blue and I’m pregnant to my best friend’s twin brother. 

Aiden, or Ace as he’s affectionately called, and I had one night together. That resulted in me being pregnant with his baby. So, I do what any girl would do; I storm into his show and blurt it out the first moment I get. 

I’ve longed for Aiden Zaks since I was his twin’s little blonde best friend. He never noticed me, at least not the way I noticed him. I longed to be next to him and to be the person who ran into his arms. But that never happened. 

Not until grief struck the Zaks household. Aiden finds comfort in me, for just one night. But that night changes everything. The stick turns blue and I’m now. carrying his baby. So, I do what any girl would do; I storm his show and blurt it out. The first chance I get. 

That starts the upheaval of my life. Aiden wants to keep me with him at all times so he can help me with the baby. A reaction I hadn’t expected. The rockstar ladies’ man is ready to be a dad and a family. 

He wants that more than anything. Question is, do I? 

Book 3
Wish For 
Releasing July 11, 2024

He was my first kiss, my first everything.

The only man who ever protected me from a man who was supposed to love me unconditionally.


And I left him.

The only man I’ve ever loved.


Now he’s back in my life inadvertently making my dreams come true. Dancing in a music video for Crave is a dream come true.


It’s too bad the drummer has a heart of stone because I shattered the original into a million pieces.


Can he ever forgive me?

Can he see that I’ve loved him then, and I love him now?

I just wished for survival.. that’s why I left.


I wish for it now. But this time it’s love I need to survive. 


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