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Book 1:
Lust For 
Releasing November 16, 2023

He came into my life when I was only thirteen. 

The best friend to my twin brother, Aiden. 

Over the years I fell in love with Derek Walsh. 

I can’t pinpoint the moment that he changed for me but once he did, I saw him as someone I lusted after. 

Now Derek is the lead singer of the band Crave, with my brother. 

He’s a sexy rockstar living a very public life. 

I prefer quiet nights in. 


My brother would have his dick if he touched me. 

Aiden has a strict no dating my little sister policy. 

Making our situation a little dicey. 


To my surprise he might want me too, I’m just not sure for how long.

Book 2:
Long For 
Releasing February 28, 2024
More Details Coming Soon! 

Book 3
Wish For 
Releasing July 11, 2024
More Details Coming Soon! 


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